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Dr. Abtin is a clinical psychologist and an Arizona licensed psychologist. She is the founder and the director of Abtin Consultation. She has a private practice providing individual, couple and family therapy, conducting groups and providing seminars, consultation and psychological assessment for the Tucson Community. She is the recipient of the National Register Early Career Psychologist Credentialing Scholarship Award for 2007. Dr. Abtin was the chair of Law and Psychology Committee for Southern Arizona Psychological Association in Tucson, Arizona for two years and organized groups and educational seminars for other Arizona psychologists.

Dr. Abtin is  a psychologist endorsed by the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology. Dr. Abtin  had been a consultant for St. Luke's Hospital Bariatrics Surgery Team in Phoenix and provided psychological testing reports for patients undergoing gastric bypass surgery. Since 2005, she has provided ongoing Substance Abuse and Adult Responsibility seminar series for the Arizona Courts Diversion Program. Currently, she is contracted with MHN to provide seminars and training for various local and national organizations.

Dr. Abtin obtained her Doctor of Psychology Degree (Psy.D.). from Spalding University in Louisville, Kentucky. She was a Nuclear Medicine Technologist for four years before she became a certified Chemical Dependency Counselor. She worked as a therapist working and having practicum training at variety of settings such as  Bellewood Presbyterian home for children, Caritas Medical Center, Jefferson County Drug and Alcohol Abuse Center, Kentucky Cabinet for Families and Children, Bingham Child Guidance Center, University of Louisville Counseling Center, Highland Community Ministries Counseling Center and the Lutter Lucket Medium Security Correctional Facility in Le Grange, Kentucky.

Dr. Abtin completed her internship as a commissioned officer in the United States Air Force. Later, she was stationed at Davis Monthan Air Force Base (DMAFB) in Arizona. Azita was the Chief of the Mental Health Clinic and frequently served as the Acting Mental Health Flight Commander overseeing the flight’s clinical and administrative operations.

Dr. Abtin has served in many leadership roles in her career. She has been the chief of  Mental Health Clinic (LSSC), the Chief of Critical Incident Stress Management teams for the 355th Wing at DMAFB, Chief of Substance Abuse Services Element, Chief of Behavioral Health Services and the Chief of Education and Training for the Mental Health Flight. Dr. Abtin also taught college courses and is an adjunct professor of psychology at Park University on DMAFB.

Dr. Abtin has dedicated her life to helping others reach their full potential and often lectures on the subject of Couples Relationships. Regarded as an expert in working and changing marital relationships of many clients, Dr. Abtin has developed a set of exercises and a seminar manual which has served to enhance her therapeutic effectiveness with her clients. Dr. Abtin receives referrals from other Tucson psychologists, primary care physicians and psychiatrists familiar with her work. Dr. Abtin has acted as a consultant to  lawyers, local organizations, military commanders and other psychologists.

Dr. Abtin believes that honesty, integrity, and a healthy perspective are essential components of happiness. If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Abtin, call (520) 272-9497 today.

Dr. Abtin is a painter, musician, composer and a writer. She has painted for many years. She also enjoys photography. To view few of her art work, please visit our gallery page.


Portion of the Couples Manual written by Dr. Abtin. To purchase a copy of this manual please visit Amazon.com or email us at office@drabtin.com. We will give you a copy free when you attend a couples seminar.

"We partner and marry to fulfill our desires, to have a loving relationship and to live in company of our significant other for life. In today’s society it is rare that this dream is materialized. We are witnessing more troubled marriages dissolve and more initial promising dating relationships that end in disappointments. Partners are left to sort out their feelings of confusion, regret and loss. We decide that our friendship is stuck, our sex life has become stagnated and unfulfilling, and our passions and needs are ridiculed and dismissed.


In troublesome relationships, most couples do not truly understand why they have moved insidiously and without true awareness into such a state of demise and feel helpless to change their relationships. They are angry, bitter, heart broken, resentful, casting blame, and feeling misunderstood and defeated. They believe that they have done everything they could and nothing has changed. They think that they are in an impasse and stuck in the dark night sailing aimlessly in a broken boat; while the ravaging storm strikes their boat mercilessly. They see no lighthouse nearby guiding their direction to the safety of a shore. They are guided by false perceptions, beliefs and goals that keep them sailing to the wrong destination. If you are in this state, this Couples Manual could help you to understand your role in changing your relationship. If you have a great relationship, you may actually be able to trace some of your success and relate to the principles mentioned in this book and develop further understanding of what you are doing right and keep doing it.


Most people arrive at marriage counseling eventually with a desire to improve their marriage. They usually have a disguised motivation to change their partner. They have a really good insight regarding their spouse and how he or she can change while they are clueless about their own role in the marriage dysfunction.


The essence of marital success depends on the ability of each spouse to change in relation to the other partner and grow beyond the wall of blame and bitterness. It requires each of them to take responsibility for the state of their relationship and to join efforts. They unite against their common enemy, the inner emotional and outer social and cultural forces that threaten to dissolve their union. It is easy to get into relationships. By the touch of a button, we can contact thousands of people daily through matching sites on the internet. However, we still cannot control our dismay with relationships and the divorce rate continuous to soar. Relationships are like beautiful and lush flower gardens. They need safety from hazardous and extreme changes in the weather and protection from inside and outside scavengers and predators. They need boundaries to protect and hold the partners. They need the nurturing elements in consistent fashion. They need to be maintained by an ample supply of love, faith, respect, justice, honesty and truth telling, leadership, commitment, forgiveness, understanding, mutuality, reciprocity, communication, service, giving, receiving, sharing, affection, compassion, empathy, guidance, spirituality and sacrifice."
Another portion of the manual on Honesty and Being Congruent "
The cornerstone and foundation of all relationships is respect. Diligent honesty reveals your respect for your partner and leads to a sense of integrity that strengthens your bond and serves as a protecting factor for a marital relationship. Without honesty there is no relationship since the reality presented is not your reality and the relationship is built on a fantasy. When we are congruent, we express our feelings and our experiences and who we are to the significant people in our family especially to our spouse. Obviously, a sense of being safe is a prerequisite for honest relationships. In a strong marital relationship, couples feel safe. They can openly and honesty share their thoughts and feelings without being shamed, criticized, denied, manipulated or rejected. They can tell the truth about themselves and their relationship in a fashion that reveals who they truly are as a person and how they are affected by their experiences in and outside of their marital life. If you feel sad and helpless because of something that your partner is
doing in relation to you but act happy and powerful toward your spouse, you are not being congruent and simply are not being honest. Honesty is more than just telling the truth. It is about being real to your partner.  Honesty allows the partners to know each other in a deep and intimate level.  By revealing yourself and who you are, you risk being vulnerable and known so that your spouse can enter and feel your emotional world. Without honesty, it is difficult to develop an empathetic relationship because you have to guess about your spouse’s feelings. Without honesty, you can not see each other and both are kept in the blind spot of your marital world."



There is no substitute for marital counseling as an avenue to change your relationship to your partner. Dr. Abtin has done intensive work with couples in the last 10 years and has helped many couples fulfill their dreams of better marriage. Her therapy methods have changed over the years as the result of intensive work and most couples who stick with the course of treatment can benefit from this fine-tuning and experientially developed outcome driven techniques. Dr. Abtin quickly exposes the barriers to therapy in order to get a commitment for future work. Dr. Abtin requires a firm commitment from her clients to work together in a collaborative atmosphere to change maladaptive beliefs and patterns that hinder personal and marital growth and fulfillment. Her work with couples utilizes series of assignments, family of origin work, exposing self defeating attitudes and beliefs, understanding and insight to couples dynamics, and other techniques in assisting the couples to move from automatic mindless existence together to the development of a conscious, authentic, purpose driven and intentional relationship.

Testimonials: what others have said about the therapy and participation in the couples seminar with Dr. Abtin. Seminar and Therapy feedbacks are anonymous.


“Dr. Abtin is brilliant. She can see through my façade and personal barriers and expose me to myself. She has a great insight into people and relationships.”


“Outstanding. This seminar was emotional. It helped me to see my partner with more compassion.”


“Dr. Abtin has a great sense of humor! I learned a lot. Thank you!”


“Thank you, I am so glad I was invited. I will recommend this seminar to anyone who wants to improve their relationship with their partner.”


“I am not married or in any relationship now, but this seminar helped me to learn concepts that will help me to have a better relationship with my partner once I have one.”


She is very wise. I wish that I had come sooner…..my life has changed to better. I know that I can achieve anything I want….. My future is bright............”

"My behavior has changed to better since I have seen Dr. Abtin."
(comment by a teenager after therapy)

"You have saved our marriage.....I have to say. You are a great therapist."


For more information on Dr. Abtin, please contact her at 520-272-9497.

"I believe that the human soul has an abundance of potential. It is through challenge, self discovery and insight, faith and redirection of that potential under God's supreme will that personal and spiritual growth materialize." 

Azita Abtin (2009)

  "I am blessed and honored to serve my patients all these years. It has been a tremendous learning experience professionally and spiritually."

Azita Abtin (2011)

Dr. Azita Abtin
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 Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor

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